My newest project, While I’m Here has been a great load of fun to make. It started as a chance to record "If’n I Was God" a song that I wrote and first performed at the Sounds of the Mountains song & story festival. (See Appearances) Ballads, prayers, and lullabies just seemed to fall into place. This album is a cross section of the songs I best love to sing. Get your copy by sending your name, address and a check or money order for $15.00 to: While I'm Here CD, c/o Joseph, 8959 New Harrison-Bradford Rd. Bradford, Ohio 45308

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Some Liner Notes and Sample Audio

There are 19 tracks on the CD. The following are a few of my favorites.

When I’m Gone This is where the album gets its name. This is a marvelous, profound, and yet simple song by Phil Ohcs . "Won’t see the golden of the sun when I’m gone; evenings and mornings will be one, when I’m gone. Can’t be singing louder than the guns when I’m gone, So I guess I’d better do it While I’m Here." Play Sample Audio
In the Beginning Willy Claflin is a top class storyteller friend. Often, children hear his stories and ask "What happened after that?" Once, however, a child asked "What happened before that?" This song was his answer. It taught me a great deal about the character of God, by reminding me what there was, and was not, In the Beginning. Play Sample Audio
I Like to Rise This is a terrific Scottish sounding sing-a-long I first heard at the Church of the Brethren song & story festival. Fairest Lord Jesus and Children of the Heavenly Father seemed to fit perfectly with the style. These last tunes blended in are played on actual bag pipes. These are called "small pipes" and are meant to be played indoors. Play Sample Audio
In These Times One of the most powerful songs I have ever known. When Bill Jolliff first sang it for me, I knew I had to learn it. I hope, as Bill does, that someday this song will be obsolete. Listen to find out why. Play Sample Audio
Aragon Mill Aragon Mill is a reality check, for all of us who are so richly blessed. Play Sample Audio

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